1st1st Place

Lauren Rainbolt - University of Arkansas Fort Smith

A Fear of Needles is NOT an Excuse,

  • A Fear of Needles is Not an Excuse - A Fear of Needles is Not an Excuse                I have been afraid of needles my entire life, especially needles used for taking blood. When I was eleven, I passed out in the hallway after having my finger pricked. Just pricked! There were times in my life when the mere...

2nd2nd Place

Lakota Kasworm - Greenwood High School, Greenwood, Ark

Why Aren’t’ They all Willing

  • Why Aren’t They All Willing? - A few months ago, it was a typical day in my high school cafeteria. Nothing seemed out of the usual. Then I was approached by one of ABI representatives, and asked if I would like to donate blood. All of my friends sitting at the lunch table replied with the...

3rd3rd Place

Blair Peoples - Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, OK

My Papa

  • My Papa - My Papa               In Oklahoma, heritage runs deep, deeper than most states. In order for those stories and ideas to continue is for those older family members must survive and be around to teach the younger generations. I am an extremely fortunate young lady...

Early Entry Winners

Hailey Brown - Comanche High School, Comanche OK

Tragalin Relford - Southeastern Oklahoma State Uni, Durant OK

  • Giving Blood Experience - This wonderful experience of mine began Freshman year. I had Mrs. Parrish as my Biology teacher. The spectacular older women taught us many important ways of animals and how some have similar actions as humans. In class we talked about DNA and how the strands came together. At this time...
  • Heroes on Earth - All lives matter in all varieties of sizes, colors, gender, and etc. Some people don’t value life like they really need to because there are people on this Earth that dreams to be in their shoes. Living, breathing, and seeing your family is a blessing. Most people in this world...


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  1. You must be a high school, college or vocational student, whose school is partnering with the Blood Institution in 2015-2016 academic year.
  2. Stories must be 500 – 2,000 words.
  3. Stories must be submitted by the contest deadline.
  4. Photographs and other media can be included and are encouraged.
  5. First, second and third place winners will be awarded a monetary prize.

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