Blood saved me from nightmare pain

On 25th-July-2016 I started experiencing pain in my chest, shoulders and lower back pain. I didn’t take it seriously considering I had been experiencing such pain in the past couple of weeks and after taking my painkillers it always would wear off, so I ignored the sharpness of the pain as a warning call to visit the hospital, I just pulled out my painkillers as usual and took them, had some bit of oral morphine I add on and took after some hours it was the pain had vanished I even Thanked God the pain was now down couldn’t feel it anymore. Time check now coming to 11:30 pm and again I feel  the sharp pain but this time it just around my chest and it lasts for only  6 minutes and after it disappears just as it came, I look for my painkillers and I take in my night dose, everything returns back to normal: Or so I thought it had!!!!

I went to bed and slept since I was convinced or I had convinced myself that now pain was no longer a threat to my body for that night. I was awoken in deep sleep at 2 am in so much pain all over my body all my joints were in pain, it was like a very bad nightmare that I wanted it to just end right there and then but I realized it wasn’t about to, I was rushed off to the hospital, reaching the E.R in Nsambya Hospital I was in horrible pain, the crisis attack had left my oxygen level low and my H.B down to 6 yet am ever on HB 12 .

Day 1 in the hospital my pain keeps on increasing than to go down it was puzzling doctors since they have used every painkillers on me but no relief, Day 2 still same story uncontrollable pain and my HB keeps going down my Doctor’s suggestion who was in charge of my file suggests  immediate Blood transfusion, two liters. The pain still so high I receive the blood and still on my painkillers, I asked the doctor why two liters and he tells me, those two liters are going to help easy blood flow and add more oxygen in your blood helping the blocked veins which are causing the painful crisis, by Day 3 I could already feel the advantage of the blood I was given. Blood help end the nightmare crisis I thought would never end because that painful experience and how it was handled taught me to always appreciate Blood.

Please Donate Blood whenever it can save a Life of a Brother, Sister, Cousin, Mother, Father, Friend, Uncle or Aunt

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