Blood Transfusion means to medically take presumable healthy blood
from a person and inject or run it through the veins of another .
Blood is a red liquid circulate in the arteries and veins of human
and other vertebrate animals ,carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide
from the tissues of the body .
Also blood transfusion plays a key role to this our disease called
Sickle cell anemia, because it contain the Red blood cells which carry
Oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body ,also they contain a chemical
Called hemoglobin which make them red and which enable them to carry oxygen.
Hence Adult human contain about 5 and a half liters of blood in their body ,there
are about 30 million red blood cells.
After 3 months of use ,red blood cells are worn out and destroyed by the spleen ,
but some of the chemicals in them are re-used to make new cells ,which are
Produces at a rate of two million every second, this is were our system like Sickle
cell patient always failed naturally .hence we always have blood shortage ,low hemoglobin etc
our blood group are determine by 4 groups
which are : A ,B,AB and O
Recipient O- O+ A- A+ B- B+ AB- AB+
O- G x x x x x x x
O+ G G X X X X X X
A- G X G X X X X X
A+ G G G G X X X X
B- G X X X G X X X
B+ G G X X G G X X

G ;;;;; Means the Recipient and Blood Donor are compatible ,
X ;;;;;;Means the Recipients and Blood Donor are not compatible
On January 15-1-1987 a king was born ,but that king and his family would be faced with
Difficulties that would last a life time ,My parents were told at birth that I had sickle cell anemia disease
Before I was a year old I was hospitalized monthly and given blood transfusion monthly too, growing
Up I faced pains, sickness, blood transfusion etc hospitalized on and off and all was life threatening,
Hence due to the frequent blood transfusion and pain medication, I was able to regain from each crisis.
My family /friends were face with the biggest and hardest news that any one could face, due to my n
Sickle cell and the issued that came with it , I was hospitalized for years and 4 park of blood ,my whole
Body was on pains ,all my eyes , palms ,feet turn to be yellowish, I feel how a human being die ,
My feet became cold ,and I was unable to feel a touch on my body. So during that period I had to face
The reality that I may not be on this earth , My family /friend but most of all had to watch as my body
Lay almost death for day unsure if I wound make it ,
The fact that my sisters had to lived without me ,their only brother who have sickle cell anemia for
Days not knowing if I would ever make it back home ,Mr Blood transfusion makes me see another day, weeks and year .
During the period ,all my family and good friends crowed around me in prayers with faith in God that
He would see me through but am in front of you to say my God is aware some and good .He saw me through a near death experience and made me much more humble and peaceful than before .I stand
Here as a living testimony to show that “God works miracles with blood transfusion ..There is nothing that anyone can tell me about my God .
Also when one of my hips was bad, the head of the long bones became necrotic because the blood
Vessels supplying those areas die off, so when there is no supply to an area the tissue there die off
Gradually you suffer much painful episodes, especially when walking because there is no cushion to
Absorbs the shock while walking, the cushion that lines the ball and socket joints is no more there so
Bone is rubbing on bones, hence due to blood transfusion I was able to start walking till date .
Blood transfusion have enable me to have ,
Fewer episode of pains ,Otherwise known as ‘crisis’ episodes of pains are a common system of sickle cell anemia .The pains is cause when the old shaped blood cell block the flow of blood through the smaller
Blood vessels in the chest ,abdomen , bones and joints , crisis can last a few hours or as long as a few weeks .if the episodes is severe enough it may require hospitalization .

Fewer Anemia problems
Of course one of the affect of S.C.A is anemia a shortage of Red blood cell, the crescent shape
And rigid structure of sickle cell makes them very fragile, They becomes damages and die much
Sooner than a Normal red blood cells, fewer red blood moving through the body means that less
Oxygen is being distributed through the body. The result is a lack of energy and an overall feeling
Of fatigue

Fewer problems with the spleen,
Sickle cell have known to affect the spleen resulting in an unsafe drop in the body hemoglobin
(the protein that let red blood cell carry oxygen )less decrease volume of blood can cause the spleen
To becomes painful and swollen, if this happen too often the spleen may become damage beyond repairs
And has to be removed

Fewer viral and bacterial infections,
The spleen help the body fight infection ,so spleen damage (removed) leaves the body more open to infection . it is not uncommon for doctors to provide antibiotics and blood transfusion for children with
Sickle cell to help them fight off pneumonia and other infections

Fewer foot syndrome,
Hans-foots syndrome occurs in babies and can be an early indicator of sickle cell, Blockage in the
Blood vessels supplying the hands and feet’s cause swollen,

Delayed growth,
Blood cells deliver oxygen and other nutrient to all parts of the body, fewer healthy red blood cell
Translate into fewer nutrients being distributed throughout the system the reduces levels of oxygen and
Nutrients can have an adverse affect on growth in babies and young children and can delay the onset of puberty in teens

Less vision problems,
Some sickle cell patient develop vision problems, when the small blood vessels feeding the eyes
Becomes block resulting in damage of the retina, if the damage is severe enough, blindness can occurs

Less Jaundice,
The frequent breakdown of sickle cell has an adverse effect on the liver .reacting to the loss of the
Red blood cells, it begins to produces a pigment called Bilrunbin which can cause a yellowing of the skin and eyes

NO Stroke
If a sickle cell blockage occurs in one of the small blood vessels feeding the brain .it can trigger
A stroke .About 10 percent of children with sickle cell suffer from stroke indicated by severe headaches
Trouble with speech and vision, dizziness, coma or a sudden weakness along one side of the body in the
Arm ,leg or face

Fewer acute chest syndrome ,
In cause by respiratory infection or by sickle cell trapped in the lungs ,much like pneumonia ,it cause troubled breathing, chest pains and fever .This condition can be life threatening .it is most common cause of death in sickle cell patients ,Understanding the symptoms of s.c.a help teachers and caregivers better
Understanding children, adult with this disease need to do blood transfusion .

Moreover there are also some unusual sign of blood deficiency, which when you notices in your body like a sickle cell anemia patient you need to do a Quick blood transfusion ,there are :
Extreme fatigue and exhaustion,
This principle sign that your body is not getting enough blood and iron may be the most difficult
To link to Anemia deficiency,
This is one of the most common sign of blood deficiency because it means your body is having trouble carrying the oxygen to your cells, so its affecting your energy level, people lacking enough iron in
The blood often feel sluggish, weak ,and unable to focus ,Though fatigue can be the sign of numerous
Condition, if it does not go away with adequate rest considers having your blood level checked for blood transfusion.

Frequent infections,
Iron and blood play a key role in a healthy immune system, so lower level of the mineral can make
Someone more susceptible to infection, red blood cells help to transport oxygen to the spleen, which
Is one place where infection can be fought off .Red blood cells also carry oxygen to the lymph note, which
House infection-fight white blood cells ‘when someone has an iron deficiency, the white blood cells
Are not being produces as well and they are not strong because they are not getting enough oxygen
Making the person more susceptible to infection,

Pale skin, pale skin is often associated with being sick, and not having enough blood ,and there’s
Good reason for that, Hemoglobin give skin its rosy color, so low level cause the skin to become lighter
When red blood cells becomes low with iron ,they become smaller and paler in the center ,so skin become paler .this may be easier to detect in people with lighter complexions, but no matter what your
Skin tones if the area inside your bottom eyelid is lighter than normal, this may be a sigh of blood
Deficiency, hence you will need blood transfusion

Swollen tongues,
Lack of oxygen can also cause muscle to enlarge and become painful’ it happens to all the muscle
Really, but the tongue is the only one you can see ‘’marry say “crack on the side of the month are also
Common among people with blood deficiency

Restless legs syndrome
people have blood deficiency developed restless legs syndrome ,a disorder that cause you to
have a strong urge to move your leg ,the urge often come with an unpleasant ,crawling sensation in legs that can make it hard to sleep
Furthermore am in so much misery and distress for no one on earth can console me, its really a
Pity but rather too late to turn back the hand of time .i seem to be the most isolated human being
in the world simply because of this sca but I give thanks to Mr blood which help console me most
A poem about blood transfusion

O blood transfusion “how good you are ,
-you have built our African continent and other continents,
– you have bring us close to our families,
– you have bring us back from our beloved friends and neighbors’
– you have given life to the important people of our society
Oh mr blood ,you are really good and aware some to us sickle cell anemia patient
And others patient who need you to survived ,
– Hope one day our story will be different ,

How ever came out with healthy tips living with sickle cell anemia. ;
To conclude , we promised that our fellow scientist and researcher will get to this one day ,for
Now we can avoid you by doing our genotype before we get married,

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