The devil and the deep blue sea.

I was awoken by a sharp piercing pain in my lower left abdominal region, the pain was so much i couldn’t stand upright so i managed to roll out of bed and as i squated at the edge of my bed tears started rolling down my cheeks i couldnt control it as i was in so much pain and i needed to express how i felt, my friend was awokened by the sound of my cry and she was confused at first because she couldnt understand wby i was crying, she managed to drag herself out of bed and met me. She asked to know what the problem was and i struggled to explain but i couldnt cos of the overwhelming pain i was feeling,Faith rushed out to wake a neighbour of ours that owned a car and i was rushed to the hospital. A quick blood test was ran to Ascertain my packed cell volume (PCV), and to rule out any other infection. A scan was done and the result wasnt too clear, the doctors couldnt say what exactly it was so the adviced my friend Faith to call my parents cause i will be needing a surgery.( The surgery i had is called an Exploratory Laparatomy because the doctors did not know what exactly was wrong with me). My parents were able to make it to the hospital in time and the consultant in charge explained the situation to my parents, they agreed for the surverg to be carried out. As i was being prepared for surgery the doctor noticed my PCV level was very low and for every surgery carried out blood is kept ready to be replaced with the one lost during surgery, the risk of blood loss in sickle cell sufferer’s is twice as much risky. The consultant called another colleague to discuss my situation to and what her advice was pertaining going in for surgery or not, they both decided that it was a tough situation and i had a 50 -50 chance of living or dying while in the theatre, they called it a case of the devil and the deep blue sea. The consultant who was going to lead the medical team in surgery went to corner and wispered a quick prayer before the surgery commenced. As i was lying unconscious in the theater my parents called other family members and asked them to pray while others were asked to donate blood. I was given 9pints of blood and the surgery lastest for about 4bours. I am alive today because of Gods grace first of all, the efrorts of the medical team and importantly by the blood donations made. I count myself lucky and favoured because alot of things could have gone wrong but they didnt.

Key Entry Rules

  1. You must be someone with Sickle Cell Disease or have some strong connection with SCD through kinship, friendship or caring responsibility.
  2. Your story – which must be true and should include some aspect of the importance of blood in the narrative – must be between 200–2,000 words.
  3. We expect most entries to come from Africa, but where you live is less important than the story you have to share.
  4. Stories must be submitted by the contest deadline of 30 September 2016.
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